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Lost & Found

Spotlight on Louth SPCA 

Louth SPCA have developed a strong partnership with Dundalk Grammar School for over the past 16 years.  The school provides great fundraising support through bag packing and Louth SPCA badge days.  Fiona Squibb provides regular educational talks to both primary and secondary classes highlighting their rescue work followed by an interactive questions and answers session.  Fiona particularly enjoys hearing the children tell the class their own stories.


Sheba's rescue story

The Louth SPCA was contacted by a concerned member of the public about a dog in a neighbour's garden.  Fiona responded to the call and had a quick look at the rear of the property beside an alleyway and was shocked to see a dog with a huge abscess living in unsuitable conditions.  Fiona proceeded to talk to the owners who allegedly brought the dog to the vets and were given antiobiotics.  

Fiona worked with the owner who surrendered the dog called Sheba and was then brought to the vets for urgent care and assessment.  

Fiona said she will never forget the smell "it was the worst I have ever had" she said.  

Upon veterinary examination it was confirmed the abscess was a suspected cancerous tumour which had eaten into part of the nasal cavity and her mouth.  The dog's nose was dripping blood from an open wound under her chin and sadly, the dog had to be put-to-sleep to prevent further suffering.  

The Louth SPCA tirelessly work to educate the public on their responsibilties to owning a pet.

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