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ISPCA Education

School Tours at the National Animal Centre

The ISPCA believes that education is key to better animal welfare in Ireland. Visit the ISPCA National Animal Centre to learn more about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and wildlife here in Ireland. 

To arrange a trip/tour for your class or school to the National Animal Centre please contact or call 043 3325035.  Visiting the National Animal Centre to see the animals can have a stronger impact on getting an animal welfare message over. 

Fundraise to Help Animals

 Every cent counts to the animals that need help, and your fundraising will directly support the animals that are in our care.  For a few ideas of what you can do, have a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

You could form a fundraising club and give it a name. Why don't a group of you - just for fun - form a 'Go Wild' fundraising club with friends or at school, or even ask your teacher to hold a fundraiser at school.  

If you would like to sell our merchandise at your school as a fundraiser, simply ask your teacher to fax the order in to the ISPCA on school headed paper. We will send out the merchandise on a sale or return basis.  Please email or call 043 3325035 for further information. Fax: 043 3325024

(please view online shop for products)

Important! Please seek permission from your parent or guardian before getting involved in any fundraising activity outside of your own home.

Please do not hesitate to contact: ISPCA Head Office, National Animal Centre, Derryglogher Lodge, Keenagh, Co. Longford.  Tel: 043 3325035 email: for a fundraising event registration form.

Ask yourselves a few questions before you start out:

  • What are your aims and objectives?
  • How often will you meet and where will your meeting point be?
  • Are you going to have a team leader?
  • Do you want to ask an adult to help, a CSPE teacher or parent?
  • Have you got permission from your parents and teachers (VERY IMPORTANT!) Ensure that your parent or guardian is happy with your plan to meet up. Always get permission to meet up in school during lunch or after school when you have finished all of your homework! Never meet without telling parents or teachers where you are.

We will always write to say thank you - whatever sum of money you raise. We will include our newsletter and info on how your money will help our animals. 

Educate Together

Find the Educate Together lesson plans here, a resource to assist teachers in educating students about animal welfare, pet care, commitment and responsibility. 

Pet Care Advice

The following articles contain general advice on those animal-related matters which, in the ISPCA's experience, affect animal lovers and pet owners most often. Unfortunately, it is not possible in the context of the website to take into account individual situations or consider unusual problems or circumstances.

You should seek further advice and assistance from your vet, the ISPCA or other appropriate expert if you are concerned about the welfare of a particular animal. The ISPCA regrets that it cannot accept any responsibility for acts or omissions based on the following advice which is intended as a general introduction to animal-related problems only.


Halloween Pet Care Advice

Cold Weather Pet Care Advice

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